IPC-4 Branchegerichte VCGM (Safety Checklist GrafiMedia)

In this project, the Dienstencentrum acted as a subcontractor of Metaview (metaview.nl).

A practical tool (Safety Checklist Graphic Media) is developed for the graphic industry based on the VCA. Since 1994 there is a safety checklist. The so-called VCA.

Safety is an important issue, especially safety awareness is an important theme, because

many accidents and near-accidents are due to lack of knowledge or insufficient awareness of the risks by the people carrying out the work (or the people involved, such as managers).

Very important by raising awareness of the security risks is the fact that management and the (middle)management give the right signals. The security awareness will therefore need to be embedded in the organization. Management has to intensively cooperate in increasing safety awareness within the organization

 Aim of the project

For this reason, metaview developed a practical tool based on the VCA methodology for the  

Industries such as graphic arts, communications and the creative industries.

The tool gives insight to companies: it shows the extent to which companies pay attention to security and how it is embedded in the company. The focus is on "working at height". The Safety Checklist is a workbook with an attached questionnaire.

The project ended in 2013.