Tobias op den Brouw


I am active in European projects and as company consultant within the Netherlands.

In companies the management and production employees work with me to increase performance and financial results. For creative companies this always has a necessary link to both people and processes. People have to be able to use their talents within well-defined processes. To find and achieve improvements I often use LEAN; to make sure things keep running smoothly I help implement ISO certified systems.

Our international projects exist in order to move innovations closed to our client companies.  

I am entrepreneurial and I take a company’s success to heart. I look for new options for companies and I show the possible added value. I am capable of doing so due to my analytical skills and easy communication. New options lead to decisions and changes; I help manage that these are implemented smoothly. 

I was trained as a chemical (automation) engineer at the University of Twente. Financial and environmental aspects were part of my focus. I automated processes and data flows and I optimized processes in order to reach financial profits at a low environmental impact. After this education I was an owning partner of the custom software company Muldis. I use the best of this experience for my clients.