Thrive-results presented at Egin Annual conference

Barcelona, 20th of March 2018, Yesterday at the first day of the conference Frank den Hartog presented the results till now of the Thrive-project. Besides the results of the  research of the BUW and Nyta/Hilltop the project aim and the deliverables were presented. Also a Kahoot-quiz was playes with as subject the female entrepreneurial skills. The EGIN conference was held at the office of the  "Catalunyan Employer's Association" 'Gremi de la Indústria i la Comunicació Gràfica de Catalunya', also called 'The Guild'.

Also representatives of Gremi, entrepreneurs and students of Escola Alguero were present at this part of the conference. The central theme of the EGIN Annual conference this year was: "New ways of learning, how to strengthen the relation between vocational education and the developing labour market. 

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