The spotlight on Co-creation

During the vkgo members' meeting of 11 February at PROBO in Dokkum, the first results of the Erasmus + project Col-Creation were presented to more than 40 participants. The aim of Col-Creation is to teach people inside and outside the company (in the chain) to work together smartly. These days, co-creation of products and services is becoming increasingly important to be able to continue to meet rapidly changing customer needs. The Col-Creation project provides teaching materials for SMEs to become stronger in this.

Working together always pays. Simply because with more people you have more different perspectives to tackle a customer's question. The danger of always having to come up with everything yourself often leads to the same types of solutions, while the client's needs keep changing and therefore expects a new approach. Precisely through smart collaboration you make it possible for your company to come up with fresh solutions that will surprise your (potential) customers. And with that you invest in the continuity of your company.
In the Erasmus + project Col-Creation, various specialists work together to develop an innovative training program for employers and employees in SMEs, to train them step by step in creatively meeting new business needs. The Dienstencentrum and Stivako are both involved as a knowledge and training institute. Although the content of the teaching material is of a high level (Human Centered Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas), the developers know how to translate this into practical applicable material in a very practical way. This makes the Co-Creation training in the Creative Industry accessible to everyone. This year the material will be tested within the Netherlands, after which Stivako will include the training in its regular curriculum and provide the Dienstencentrum with customized advice. All this with the aim of making SMEs in our sector more effective for the future.
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