Sustainable Production

Sustainability. The term was used the first time around 1987 and has become a concept that is used throughout the world. Sustainability is important regarding the future generations. More than ever, we have to think about the way we live and how we interact with the earth. That includes also the creative industry. The production of the graphic industry is a complex process. The process demands specific  requirements of the organization and includes a lot of changes on the field of ​​sustainability. We can help you improve the organization and management of the production process.

Where do we support?

In the field of ​​"Sustainable Production" Dienstencentrum can support your business in different ways:

  • Environment, FSC and PEFC: by regulating the care for the environment in a systematic manner your company can contribute directly to the achievement of the goals agreed to save the environment by the government and the printing industry.
  • LEAN and quality: these are management tools to structurally improve the quality within a company.
  • CO2 reduction: your customers will increasingly ask what the CO2 value of your product or service is. By making your CO2 footprint measurably you can demonstrate the environmental impact of the company and the products to produce.
  • Sustainable Procurement: is developed by the Government. Sustainable procurement is actually quite simple to explain: to buy your materials in the  most sustainable way as possible.
  • Information Security Management Systems: this standard aims to protect digital information against a wide range of threats to ensure business continuity and minimize business risk.
  • Help with external audits: a second party audit can assist companies who have the ambition to control the risks in the areas of quality, environment, health, safety, food safety and hygiene.
  • Group Certification provides affordable certifications processes specifically for small businesses in the field of health and safety, environment, CO2, sustainable purchasing, quality and FSC.

What can you expect?

Our advice is concrete, practical, personal and customized for your business. In a personal interview we will ask for your wishes. After this interview you will receive a detailed proposal which includes: what we will do in your company, the way we will do it and it will specify the costs.

More information?

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