Sustainability, Green Marketing & Media

Stivako and Dienstencentrum have for the last year been involved in a special Leonardo project. The essence of this European project is to create educational materials that deal with sustainability and green marketing. Both themes have been found to be taught only very little, especially in Europe. This educational module is created as custom made material to empower both employers and employees. One of the prominent features is the development of a serious game: The Sustaingame. It is a digital (web-based) game that allows students, employees and employers to gain insight into sustainability in a fun way.

 In the recent year, the method of teaching has shifted from the traditional vocal method to blended learning. Blended learning offers the material through different media. In this way the educational institutes find a better match with the world of youths. Adults that want to increase their skills are also accustomed to working through multi-media. This Leonardo project creates the concrete solution: both a physical and a digital interactive educational module in the form of a game. The material offers both practical experience and information from several industries and government. It even goes a step further and helps the student get more value out of communication- and marketing opportunities concerning sustainability.

Serious games – Dutch ones prominent among them – are an internationally ever more successful formula to confer knowledge and attitude in a playful manner. Serious games are therefore not only one of the newer ways in which companies in the creative industry can show their value, but are also a strong force in education and communication that Stivako and Dienstencentrum gladly use. In the words of Joke Witteveen of xmediaworks and initiator of the Dutch Games Association Serious Games special interest group:

"In today's society organizations are increasingly facing complex problems and processes. Cooperation with others within or outside the organisation has become necessary. This often requires a change of culture and change in work processes. Serious games can be an effective tool to train employees or create awareness throughout organizations."

The images you see here are from the digital Sustaingame. You can see the essence of the game. The international partners have contributed themes that the game players can interact with and try to get the highest score in. The example topic here is the book store which is present as one of the houses on the Green Square. When a player clicks on the house he enters it and can interact with objects in the book store. One example is the amount of fibers from tropical wood that is present in books in Europe. You as a reader already know the sense and nonsense that is hidden behind this question. You can see that it is our hope that this game will also show people that are not familiar with the graphic media what the reality is.

The Sustaingame will go online in 2015. If you are interested in the physical game (for in the classroom or in your company) or in the digital game please contact us for further information.

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