Sustainability, Green Marketing & Media-project in Valencia

During the two days-conference, we were working on the results of the test of the developed learning material: Sustainability-game (physical game) and the Green Marketing course. The final developments on the internet-game (awareness on sustainability) are completed. In the coming period this game will also be tested.
The conference was held at AIDO in Valencia, on the 25th & 26th of June 2015.

During the first day of the conference the results of the testing of the Sustainability-game and the Green marketing course was the central subject. The testing of the learning material in schools and companies was executed and the evaluations were very positive. The conclusion was that the learning materials are effective. Depending on the level of the target group, students and company-employees, the material can be adjusted and the duration of the course can be made shorter or longer. The developed learning material is flexibly applicable. The content can be easily adjusted to the needs of the users.

During the second day all relevant aspects of the internet game on sustainability and marketing was discussed. In the coming period we will evaluate the texts in the game and test the game with the target group. The game will be live on the web in September 2015.

Learning material

In September 2015 the learning material will be available. Click here to go to the page with the contactpersons per counrty.

The main goals of this project

The main goals of this project are to develop Sustainability games, both physically and by Internet and the development of training materials on Green Marketing. The games and the course Green Marketing can be used for both education and training activities for open enrolment and in-company training. The games and training are tailored to the needs of students in schools and employees of companies in the creative industries.

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