Peter Tegel


My role within the Dienstencentrum is deputy director and senior advisor. I am active in the fields of environmental and energy management and health and safety. One of my main tasks is project management of several national and international projects (e.g. The national sector Agreement Health and Safety Graphic Media, LIFE+, EACI, Erasmus and Horizon-2020). Besides my project activities, I am also responsible for the operational management and lead auditing of two Certification Bodies (SCGM and SCCI), both focusing on the creative industry.

On the basis of my 20 years of business experience I participated in several committees organized by the minister of Economic Affairs,  RVO and the NEN Mirror Committee Sustainable Procurement and EGIN (European Graphic Media Network).

Study: 5 years university in the field of strategic environmental & economic management at the Prof H.C. van Hall Institute, Groningen (The Netherlands)