The Dienstencentrum cooperates close with several partners on the fields of education and training and certification. Our partners are:


Stivako can help your company in improving the knowledge and skills of the management and employees in the graphic media industry. We offer education, training and workshops in the following areas: marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, management, production improvement, quality, environment and health and safety. English website?  Click here!


The Dienstencentrum cooperates with the SCGM, The Foundation for Certification in the Graphic Media Sector (SCGM). The SCGM performs audits in printing and packaging for various management systems and ISO standards. Website:


We cooperate with the SCCI, The Foundation for Certification in the Creative Industry (SCCI). The SCCI performs audits in several professions in the creative sector, for various management systems and ISO standards. Website:


We cooperate with Metaview, a consultancy firm focussed on the creative sector in The Netherlands. Website:
Metaview helps companies and entrepreneurs in the creative sector with innovations and developments on subjects of the market, internal organisation, stategy and sustainable employability and leadership.


Stivako Education helps people to develop and realize their potential. Stivako- Education tries to help young people to make a better choice for their future occupation. The SPA (Student Assessment) is hereby used as a tool. The behavioural analysis shows young people who they are as a person, what drives them and what their qualities and points of attention are.Website: