Myths and facts about paper

About printed paper and the envirionement is a lot of discussio. The Myths and Facts booklet gives anwsers on a lot of questions. The 24-page A5 booklet addresses popular Myths about print and paper and dispels those Myths with verifiable Facts.

The Myths covered are:

  • European forests are shrinking
  • Planted forests are bad for the environment
  • Paper is bad for the environment
  • Paper production is a major cause of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Only recycled paper should be used
  • Print and Paper is a wasteful product
  • Electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than paper-based communication
  • Digital is always the preferred means of communication
  • Packaging is wasteful and unnecessary
The misconceptions about print and paper are still a major issue for the industry. All too often, we see messages from organisations such as; “Go Green – Go Paperless” and “Do your bit for the environment and choose e-billing”.
These messages are unsubstantiated, misleading and can have a lasting effect on consumer perceptions of print and paper. The print and paper industry is a world leader when it comes to sustainably-managed materials, renewable energy and recycling.

Some of the key facts about paper's sustainability highlighted are:

  • Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by an area the size of Switzerland - that's 1,500 football pitches every day!
  • Europe recycles 72% of its paper
  • 84% of the industry’s raw materials come from Europe
  • Between 2005 and 2013, the CO2 emissions of the European pulp and paper industry were reduced by 22%
  • 56% of the industry’s total primary annual energy consumption is biomass-based


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