More information

The Dienstencentrum is a consultancy firm offering advice and support tailored for entrepreneurs and companies in the role that best fits the companies issue. That may be by advising, assisting, coaching, helping to implement changes or implementing new systems. We can also provide (company) training for you.


If you want us to assist you, there always will be a  first appointment (without obligation) with one of our consultants. During this appointment we will determine how we can help you and we will specify the costs involved. Then you can make an informed choice whether you want go into business with the Dienstencentrum.

Extensive network

We have an extensive network. Through our collaboration with industry associations such as the Royal KVGO and Kartoflex and knowledge institutes, we obviously have an extensive amount of knowledge and information. More information: Projects/network.

The shortest way

We are the shortest way to access the knowledge and experience that the graphic has gained. In practice, this means to you:

  • A wide range of services;
  • Integrated solutions;
  • Low development costs;
  • A quick way of working;
  • Answers and advice from people who know the industry inside out.

Koninklijke KVGO (Royal Dutch Printers Assossiation)

The Dienstencentrum is the preferred supplier of the Royal KVGO, the Royal Dutch Printers Association. Members of the Royal KVGO enjoy discounted pricing. We invest in the development of high quality services and products to give the entrepreneur and the management of companies in the Communication sector the best support. Website:

Partner Development Creative Industry

The Dienstencentrum is a partner of the Creative Industry Development Foundation (OSI). OCI is a fund for development focussed on the full width of the creative industry. OSI has added value both financially as on the content level. OCI is a foundation with a Board of Directors, in which both employer and employee organizations are represented. Website OSI: