Marion de Ruijter


I received my doctorate of Dutch Law from the University in Leiden, where I specialized in civil law. After my studies, I worked for five years at a large insurance company as an employment lawyer. During and after my studies, I have also advised several companies on cases related to employment law.

I have worked as a lawyer at the Dienstencentrum since 2005. I developed detailed knowledge in the field of labor law and the specific regulations for the graphic industry, such as the collective agreement in the Graphic Industry (Grafimedia CAO). I have extensive experience in advisory processes on reorganizations. I advise companies how to tackle the redundancy legally and how to dismiss employees. Besides this, I give advice how to arrange individual dismissal and other labor disputes.

I am also experienced in advising on reorganization plans and social plans, I negotiate with labor unions, lawyers and other legal advisors. I act as an attorney of entrepreneurs in legal proceedings about dismissal, redundancy or other labor disputes. I handle redundancy cases in UWV-procedures. I also act as representative of employers in objection and appeal procedures against the UWV and at the District Court.

I regularly write columns in the Graficus and give regular workshops and lectures on current labor issues, such as new labor law.