Leanne Janssen

When I finished secondary school, I did not know what I wanted for my future. I did know I wanted to go to the university, but what education program should I attend to? I am interested in a lot so how to choose? I finished several studies before I asked myself: What do you really want? I decided to travel for a year to find out what I really want in life. Eventually, I graduated in a Master’s Degree Business Administration, specialized in entrepreneurship.

At the moment, I work at the Dienstencentrum. I am busy developing a new enterprise aimed at helping secondary school graduates to make a conscious choice for their future in choosing a study that fits them. By using the Student Profile Analysis (SPA), future students gain more self-knowledge, self-insight and self-consciousness. This will help them to make an educated choice concerning their further education career.  The enterprise is called Stivako Educatie. For further information I refer to the website www.stivako-educatie.nl.