IPCI (Stivako)

To be competitive, the SME has to innovate. Innovation means business. And business is earning money. Fortunately, the government sees this too and she helps companies to innovate through subsedize projects in companies to make innovation possible. This grant program is called IPC (Innovation Performance Contracts).

Innovations that are collectively developed in an IPC network of companies, focus on process improvement, development of new products and services, develop new functionalities for communication products or the development of media and services (think of 3D printing). The companies focus on a joint innovation (collective) and their own company-specific innovation. The partnerships are supported by the IPC scheme. By the government through the NL Agency

In this project, the Stivako supports companies for two years in their development. The company, a member of the IPCI platform, team development of new products, services or internal systems to improve their production processes. The project is supported by the Dutch government.

Stivako the role as lead and coordinate cooperation between the participating companies. The IPC project is in collaboration with Syntens (now the Chamber of Commerce) organized. The IPCI networks are active for a period of two years. Consultants of the Dienstencentrum were involved as a consultant of applicants in the initial phase. They advise individual participants.

At the moment there is an IPC project Stivako in the printing industry, see: www.ipci.eu.