Are you ready for International Print Day? Started for the first time last year, this International Print Day aims to create a global 24-hour phenomenon in which social media highlights the creativity, importance, and power of print and paper. During the inaugural celebration last year, 8,683 Tweets were delivered to 23,023,968 timelines with 1,271 contributors. That’s a lot of print related information shared around the world!

n this once a year event, printers are invited to participate in a 24 hour social media discussion that covers the “current state of the industry, technology advances, the role of print in marketing and the opportunities it creates.” Very much aligned with everything that Dienstencentrum as an organisation is offering to the print community.

Our industry is continually changing and we are seeing some amazing new technologies and the corresponding equipment and consumables to match, bringing print to life in a way that could never have been imagined some years ago.

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