Human resources and Legal advise

The print media sector has developed on a big scale. Companies must distinguish themselves to be a serious player on the market. Customers and potential customers choose a company for specific reasons. You have to add value to the customer. 

People play a key role in the success of your organization. Every situation requires new competences of the organization and its employees, especially skills like flexibility and adaptability. The quality of the people in your company make the difference between being successful or not.

Where do we support?

In the area of ​​" Human resources and Legal advice" the Dienstencentrum can support your business in various ways.

  • Our legal service helps companies with questions of restructuring and labor disputes
  • HR advice;
  • Working conditions, Health & Safety;
  • The personality assessment is an analysis and provides an overview of the skills of employees. This can determine how a person's strengths can be deployed within the company.
  • We offer education for anyone who wants to develop and deploy
  • We are active in the field of Sustainable Employability: how can you ensure that your organization and employees operate as sustainably as possible and remain employable?
  • We also offer group-certification for small businesses.

Do you wish an integrated approach? We can help you to plan the route to the year we all need to take social responsibility: 2020.


If a company wants to remain competitive, it will have to respond to the changes in client needs with new solutions. Do you have your answer ready when a customer asks questions about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?  

CSR doesn’t mean a ‘green’ company and a wall full of certificates. CSR is to create balance between People, Planet and Profit.

What can you expect?

Our advice is concrete, practical, personal and customized for your business. In a personal interview we will ask for your wishes. After this interview you will receive a detailed proposal which includes: what we will do in your company, the way we will do it and it will specify the costs.

More information?

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