Grafimedia 3.0

Grafimedia 3.0 helps entrepreneurs in the printing industry to develop new business models in order to survive within the printing industry. The Hague University organized the project in cooperation with Syntens, Dienstencentrum, graphic media organizations and entrepreneurs.

At the endof the project (spring 2013) companies have their ownbusiness models developed. Participantsof the project have more knowledge about the trends and developments in the printing industry and the relatedsectors which can be summarizedunder the title “Grafimedia3.0”.

The road to business models

The goal of the project is to develop business models using the following steps:

  • Planning
  • Future telling
  • Business model generation

Future Telling

One of the methods that will be used is Future Telling. Rianne Valkenburg: "For designers and innovators is it is not always important that the predictions they use, are 'correct'. The goal is to define through predictions and scenarios a view possible contexts in which people have to deal with designed products en services. The purpose of such future scenarios is often to create different images and therefore stimulate discussions and decisions on the policy to develop. This translation, of the ideas of general predictions futurists, and trend watchers, to a workable vision for designers, is the biggest challenge in innovation. That is not a linear process in which the right information leads to good decisions. It is much more of a search process in which the visions can surprise you and can be used to build a strategy for the future.”


The Grafimedia 3.0 project is funded by the Ministry of Education through the regulation: 'RAAK' (Regional Action and Attention for Knowledge circulation) in the context of the' Regulations promoting knowledge function Higher Education’. The RAAK SME regulation strives for innovation within SMEs and the university. According to Valkenburg is the innovation methodology developed by The Hague University applicable to multiple sectors. In this project it was specifically - in association with Dienstencentrum en Syntens - for the printing industry to test the methodology in practice.

Promising companies

Syntens and Dienstencentrum invited a selection of companies from the industry to participate in the project. According to Hans Huisintveld (Syntens) it concerned mainly promising companies that fit well with these kind of innovation projects. 


The innovative methodology of The Hague University offers a roadmap that entrepreneurs will learn to define their position ('Where are you now? ") and then explore their future. it is emphasized that working together with partners increases the innovative power. Although this roadmap is perhaps not surprising at first glance, nevertheless the roadmap leads to new views and results by the participating companies.