Frank den Hartog


As director of the Dienstencentrum I am responsible for the general management. Besides director of the Dienstencentrum I am director of the affiliated organizations like: Foundation Certification GrafiMedia industry (SCGM) Foundation Certification Creative Industry (SCCI), Meta View and the Vet-institute Stivako.

Background: Education Policy Studies (University of Nijmegen) and Educational and Andragogical Sciences (Leiden University).

Experience: Professor of Education, Psychology and Communication to the teacher, Assistant Professor University of Twente, research focusing on information and automation, a lot of experience in guiding printing companies in strategic research and structuring issues and guiding entrepreneurs in developing their management skills.

As a director other tasks are: policy development, marketing and development, external (international) contacts, development of new knowledge.  Works as projectleader at various international projects. My consultancy focuses on assisting companies with strategy development and creating personality profiles, leadership development and team development.