Eva Bouwman-van Gelder

E-mail: e.bouwman@dienstencentrum.com

In 2006 I started working at the Dienstencentrum, where I have been assigned with various tasks. I am the executive assistant to Frank den Hartog and I am responsible for managing the project office. I take care of the facility management and I am involved in project management of (inter) national projects. Also, together with Frank den Hartog, I provide HR advice to companies using the Personal Profile Analysis.

Since 2010 I also work for the educational institute Stivako as manager of education, where I am involved with adapting existing learning material to the changing needs in the market and the development of new learning materials as a result of new developments in the market. I am also a point of contact for companies looking for in-company training opportunities and I make sure that the required course material is developed and tailored for this purpose.

I am certified to use the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) by Thomas International. This tool is used within the Dienstencentrum as a very practical tool for coaching managers and employees in companies, or in the recruitment and selection of (own) staff. Furthermore, we use this tool in the training activities within Stivako, for the students in the various courses and training as part of their personal development and sustainable employability.

The PPA tool is a practical tool to use to give advice on career and guidance and in the context of sustainable employability of people in companies. I also give presentations on these subjects; sustainable employability and the use of the PPA tool.

At the Hotel School The Hague, Hospitality Business School, I completed my education with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1990. In this management training, I studied the various aspects of business such as marketing, organization of production, HR and other entrepreneurial subjects. After 15 years gaining experience within the hospitality sector, including the conference and event industry, I ended up in 2006 at the Dienstencentrum.