Energy project EMSPI has good results

The work within the EMSPI project has led to the successful implementation of energy management systems (EnMS) in 100 printing companies in five countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Spain).  The results for achieved energy savings achieved are good, leading to savings of approximately 40,000 GJ during the duration of the project. As regards the potential CO2 reduction the result so far are also very promising: this seems to be heading for more than 5,000 tons of CO2. When we take into account the possible energy savings identified and included in the action plans of the companies, we will reach even higher savings. Assuming that part of the energy saving measures identified in each of the companies can be implemented, we will reach the following results for the period 2013- 2017:

  • Energy consumption reduction of 127,000 GJ (14% reduction in 2017 compared to 2013)
  • Reduction of 13,300 ton of CO2 (14% reduction of emissions).
  • Energy cost savings of 2,140,000 € (12% reduction of costs)

For more information about this project and deliverables, visit the website: You can also find and download the reports at the website.

Results of Energy Management Implementation

The printing companies interested in implementing the Energy Management System were able to choose one of the following options 

  • Basic: Designed as a first step in EnMS. For organizations that cannot develop all the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard 
  • Full: Leading to a complete implementation of the EnMS, assuming all the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard. For highly committed organizations.

The basic version was open to companies of up to 20 employees only (categorized as small). In the end, only 16 out of the 100 companies adopted the basic version. Among the other 84 companies, a significant number were small companies.  

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