EMSPI stands for Energy Management Standardization in Printing Industry, and is a European IEE project that focuses on energy efficiency in the European SMEs in the printing industry, by creating a customized Energy Management System based on the new standard ISO 50001. 

Energy management will be more and more an important issue for everybody. True increasing energy prizes for electricity and gas, it is necessary for SME entrepreneurs to take their responsibility in the use of it. To help graphic media companies, the Dienstencentrum started up an international project, together with her European partners. The aim is to create awareness by SME entrepreneurs about their energy issues. Only when the directors of companies see the opportunities in re-managing their energy needs, there could be an decrease in the demand of energy.

The project aims to promote actions for increase the energy efficiency at European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Printing Industry by promoting the implementation of Energy Management System based on the global standard ISO 50001.

The main specific objectives of EMSPI project are the following:

  • To develop a specific adaptation of the global standard ISO 50001 for the energy management in printing SMEs and sector-specific implementation guidelines.
  • To implement the specific energy management standard at 100 SMEs (during lifetime project).
  • To enhance the awareness on the benefits of energy efficiency tools to all the Printing Industry stakeholders in European countries.


  • ENVIROS s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • Graphic Association Denmark / Grafisk Arbejdsgiverforening (GA), Denmark
  • innowise GmbH, Germany
  • Dienstencentrum BV (KVGODC), Netherlands
  • Factor CO2 Integral Services S.L. (Factor CO2), Spain

More information you can find on the project website: www.emspi.eu