EEEI-project (European Energy Efficiency Improvement)

The EEEI project started in January 2007 and aims the target group of SME's in the Graphic Media Industry. The project was initiated by Energy Experts International B.V. in Huissen in The Netherlands and is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union.  

The project lasted 27 months and ended in March 2009. Dissemination of project results took place by publications, project website, in national workshops and at the European conference.  

The main objective of the EEEI project is to remove barriers for SME's in the European Graphic Media Industry to energy efficiency by making energy use and costs visible and promoting reduction of energy use and costs of SME's.

The main project activities were:

  • an inventory and assessment of energy efficiency, barriers for energy efficiency improvement as well as best practices.
  • developing and testing a set of tools for assessment and benchmarking;
  • training of energy experts;
  • consultancy of SME's on energy efficiency and measures on reducing energy consumption.

Project partners in the five European countries were: KVGO Dienstencentrum (NL), Bergische Universität Wuppertal (D), Handwerkskammer Münster (D), Enviros (CZ), Heves Country Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HU), Athens Technological Educational Institute (GR) and ENERGO Group SA (GR).

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